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Welcome to Invent Healthcare services!

We specialize in streamlining the financial aspects of healthcare organizations, ensuring efficient revenue collection and accurate billing.

Our dedicated team is here to optimize your revenue cycle and billing processes, allowing you to focus on delivering top-quality patient care.

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Our Service offerings

Provider Revenue Cycle Services
Our Revenue Cycle Services experts ensure optimal revenue and seamless reimbursement, empowering you to focus on patient care.
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Dental Insurance Billing
Our billing team streamlines claims processing for dental services, facilitating reimbursement for patients while reducing administrative burdens for providers.
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EMS Billing Services
We manage the financial aspects of emergency billing services, ensuring accurate claims processing, timely reimbursement, and financial stability for providers.
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Durable Medical Equipment(DME) Billing Services
Our data experts collect, organize, and analyze patient data to enhance care quality, research, and operational efficiency for healthcare providers.
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We verify and maintain healthcare professionals' qualifications, ensuring they meet industry standards and insurance requirements for patient care.
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Accounting and Bookkeeping
Our experts manage financial records, budgets, and financial reporting to ensure fiscal integrity and compliance for healthcare providers.
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